BlackTomcat Photography | About

My name is Paul Lawrence. I'm a semi-pro people and events photographer. That said, I do have a love of architectural and product photography.

When I started work a camera was the first thing I purchased. It's a tool which I really enjoy using, giving huge amounts of pleasure to photographer and subject or client alike. The joy in viewing a photograph replicates the experience, and what I try to capture and enhance, is that experience; what I try to give to the unsuspecting is that very same experience and what I look for in photography is, the very same experience.

If you see something you like, it may well be available for purchase; please check with me if it appears not to be. I'm available for hire; my details can be found on my contacts page.

The site and company name is named in part after one of my favourite aircraft The F14 Tomcat (beautiful machine)... and me myself I, always being on the prowl for "that photograph," a cat with a camera!

I hope you enjoy looking through the site, and if you see a photo you like then.... "Like" it!!!

Oh, and you can now tweet me using @blacktomcatp.

Thank you,

Paul Lawrence.